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Intense 2:1 Aloe Vera

Incredibly powerful dosage of concentrated 200% Aloe Vera

When we redesigned our Aloe Vera gels, we started with a blank slate, to produce the an Aloe vera gel with an intensity of Aloe vera like no other product. Our 2:1 Aloe vera gels pack twice as much Aloe vera in every application to soothe, restore and protect the skin.

Antioxidant replenishment

The 2:1 purity of Aloe Vera allows us to double up the antioxidant benefits

Keep your skin young and protected with amazing Antioxidant skin rejuvenation and protection. Our 2:1 concentrate helps keep your skin free of free radicals and the effects of pollution.

Extraction of Aloe vera

How do we create a double concentrate (2:1) of Aloe Vera?

Aloe vera gel extraction from the leafThe leaves are broken front the Aloe vera plant and they are opened to extract the gel from inside the leaves

Aloe vera gel is extracted to minimise wastageThe Aloe vera gel is extracted from the leaves. Following this process the Aloe vera gel is freeze dried to extract the water element from the Aloe. This leaves a raw concentrate powder that is re-hydrated with twice the original amount of Aloe Vera to create our 2:1 Aloe vera gels.

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