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  1. 5ml Amber Glass Dropper Bottle
    5ml Amber Dropper Bottle
    £0.14 £0.12
  2. 10ml Amber Dropper Bottle
    10ml Amber Dropper Bottle
    £0.15 £0.12
  3. 30ml Amber dropper bottle type 3 glass for aromatherapy
    30ml Amber Dropper Bottle
    £0.20 £0.17
  4. 50ml Amber Dropper Bottle
    50ml Amber Dropper Bottle
    £0.35 £0.29
  5. 100ml Amber Dropper Bottle
    100ml Amber Dropper Bottle
    £0.40 £0.33
  6. 10ml Blue Dropper Bottle
    10ml Blue Dropper Bottle
    £0.25 £0.21
  7. 20ml Blue Dropper Bottle
    20ml Blue Dropper Bottle
    £0.30 £0.25
  8. 18mm neck glass dropper bottle in blue with 30ml size
    30ml Blue Dropper Bottle
    £0.35 £0.29
  9. Blue Dropper bottle with 18mm neck suitable for aromatherapy
    50ml Blue Dropper Bottle
    £31.00 £25.83
  10. 10ml Green Dropper Bottle
    10ml Green Dropper Bottle
    £0.30 £0.25
  11. 30ml glass pipette for 30ml glass dropper bottles with 18mm neck
    18mm Glass Pipette for 30ml Dropper Bottles
    £0.35 £0.29
  12. Glass pipette for 50ml amber dropper bottles
    18mm Glass Pipette for 50ml Dropper Bottles
    £0.35 £0.29
  13. Glass pipette for amber dropper bottles suitable for 18mm neck and 100ml dropper bottle
    18mm Glass Pipette for 100ml Dropper Bottles
    £0.35 £0.29
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Dropper Bottle Colours

We only use pure coloured glass for our dropper bottles, the bottles are never sprayed. This ensures the dropper bottles are stable with your products and better for the environment.

Our dropper bottles are available in Amber, Blue and Green and in 10ml 30ml 50ml and 100ml sizes.

Traditional Apothecary

PET plastic bottles should not be heated above 50c in the sterilisation process as they will deform. Serialisation should be carried out using cold use Steralising fluid.

In common with all bottle retailers, we always recommend Steralising your bottles before use, especially if you are producing products for resale in the bottles.

No Minimum Order

We have no minimum order on our all of our bottles, jars, and closures.

Discount Pack Rate

We offer our dropper bottles for sale individually or you can buy them in pack sizes at a discount. Because of the volume of dropper bottles we use for our own business, we are able to supply you dropper bottles much cheaper than those found elsewhere. Remember with have no minimum order all of our prices include VAT.

Wide Range of Closure

Dropper bottles are compatible with a wide range of standard closures. Our dropper bottles use the standard GL18 neck size, with a tamper ridge on the bottle, so that you can use them with our without tamper proof closures. All of the closures suitable for the dropper bottles can be found by clicking here. The dropper bottles are supplied without closures and you will need to order the relevant closure for your dropper bottle. As with the bottles there are bulk discounts available on the closures.

Free Shipping

Free UK Shipping on all Cosmetics, Fixed price Shipping for Ingredients, Economical Delivery for Packaging

European Express

Low cost delivery throughout Europe and Express Options available

Against Animal Testing

Our ingredients and products have never been tested on animals

Free From

No Animals Fats or Waxes, No Parabens, No Artificial Fragrances

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