Our Bottles and Jars

We have over 2 million bottles and jars available from stock. We have a large selection of plastic bottles, plastic jars, aluminium bottles, aluminium jars and glass jars and bottles available from stock. Our Glass dropper bottles are used across the Aromatherapy world for essential oils, carrier oils and facial blends. You will find our plastic bottles and jars in uses from car wash, to stationary holders to of course cosmetics.


Caps and Closures

Bottles and Jars are supplied without closures*, as we have a huge choice of caps and closures to select for your bottles and jars from standard screw caps, to atomisers, pumps, sprays and flip tops. When you select your bottle or jar, look at the neck size (on a bottle normally 18mm, 20mm, 24mm or 28mm) or a Jar (38mm, 48mm, 51mm, 58mm, 70mm or 89mm) and then find the relevant cap in the sections below.


We have put together some photo shots of different bottle and jar combinations, so that you can visualise your favourite combinations or bottle and jar combinations or combinations that we will work for the desired look of your products. Don't forget our fantastic quality PET bottles are not only suitable for cosmetics and toiletries but can also be used in a variety of other applications from household goods, to car cleaning, to stationary and food storage.


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