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Rosemary Essential Oil is one of the major essential oils

What are Essential Oils?

Aromatic plants produce fragrant essences in secretory cells, using nutrients from the soil, water, and light.

The secretory cells of the plant are normally very near the surface and it is these cells which release the scent and fragrance we associate with the plants. Essential oils are the product of careful extraction of these scents from the original plant.

We have put together lots of recipes and advice in the Blog section of our website, take a visit by clicking here

Lavender essential oil distilled and grown in the UK

Direct Quality and Price

Our standards exceed the requirements defined by the Aromatherapy Trade Council and regulatory bodies.

We take great care in sourcing the finest essential oils from across the globe and we feel it is important the label gives you the information you need (skin type suitability, country of origin, batch number). We buy direct from growers so you benefit with accountability and direct prices.

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Orange Essential Oil is distilled from the stem, flower and leaves of the Orange Tree

Characteristics of Essential Oils

Most essential oils are light coloured to clear, they tend to be non-greasy, indeed an oil such as Eucalyptus can be used (with knowledge) to remove oils stains from clothes.

Essential oils are very concentrated and very powerful, you rarely ever need to use more than 2% in a blend and virtually never apply direct to the skin. Essential Oils all share a key property of not mixing with water, they only blend with fatty oils such as Sweet Almond or in alcohol. This key property determines how essential oils are used in aromatherapy.

We are dedicated to producing the finest essential oils

How to use Essential Oils

For an Aromatherapist, Essential Oils are their main tool. They are the key ingredient in any blend for skin toning or therapeutic use.

An Aromatherapist will carry out a consultation with a client to identify their needs and then treat the client with an essential oil or a combination of essential oils to give the most physical and therapeutic effect in the opinion of the therapist.

Oils are normally administered in the form of massage, more vigorously to the body or softly to the facial areas.

We have put together lots of recipes and advice in the Blog section of our website, take a visit by clicking here

Naturallythinking Essential oils can be diffused in your home with an oil burner

Essential Oils in your Home

You can use essential oils at home safely as long as you stick to the guidelines outlined in many aromatherapy books and on this website. Using essential oils at home is both fun and rewarding and you will learn to appreciate the scent of pure essential oils over their synthetic cousins.

One of the main ways to use them at home is by adding a few drops to your bath, however you have to remember that essential oils and water do not mix, so in order to safely use in your bath it is always best to blend into another medium to make your oils blend well.

You can use fatty oils such as Sweet Almond and Sunflower or you can simply use an egg cup of full fat milk, diluting the oils into the milk and then adding the milk to your bath. We also sell a wide range of "cosmetic bases" to blend your oils into before use, from our ever popular bath milk to our Spa like bath foam. Other home uses of essential oils are steam inhalations, hot and cold compresses and room fragrances.

Lavender essential oil distilled and grown in the UK

Good Advice with Oils and Aromatherapy

Essential Oils are natural compounds but this doesn't mean that they are harmless. Used correctly they can offer amazing benefits that will enhance your life but used wrongly they can cause severe illness. Essential Oils should never be used internally, they are too concentrated for the body, so unless you have specific training use topically only.

Follow our essential oil safety pages for good handling and usage guidelines. Remember essential oils are not medicines and should never be used as a replacement for traditional medicine.

The information and guidance on this website is for information only and not a substitute for qualified medical advice, we make not claims for any essential oil usage or properties.

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Recycling Your Packaging

We actively encourage you to recycle and reuse all Naturallythinking Bottles and Jars, whether they be aluminium, plastic or glass. The life of your bottle and jar does not need end when you have finished the product inside. Our Jars and bottles can be used for anything from stationary to arranging Lego Bricks.

Please never throw empty packaging in the bin. Always recycle your Plastic packaging in the relevant facilities. All of our Plastic Packaging is either PET, PP or HDPE Plastic, so can be readily recycled in household recycling facilities or local plastic waste recycling. If plastic is recycled it still remains one of the most environmentally friendly packaging materials available. Our Glass and Aluminium can be readily recycled in standard household recycling facilities.

For more information on our comparison of packaging types, please see our blog at:

Ensure Packaging is Recycled

  • Always rinse your packaging before putting it in the recycling bin
  • Always seperate the closure and bottle or jar. Often they are made of different materials, seperating ensures both parts will be recycled

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