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Original Carshalton Lavender

Naturallythinking was born in Carshalton, a town on the London / Surrey border which 100 years ago was the Lavender growing region of the world. In the 19th Century Carshalton, Wallington, Mitcham and Sutton was a sea of Lavender, however with the expansion of London in the inter war years, slowly the Lavender fields start to disappear under the urban sprawl of London, until very little of these fields survived.

At the end of the 1990's a group of enthusiasts organised to replant some of the original Lavender fields with Lavender grown by propagation from Original Carshalton Lavender, a unique variety which thrives in the chalky North Downs Soil of Carshalton. In 2002, Naturallythinking revived the Cosmetics and Toiletries which a hundred years ago been prevelant in the area.

What makes Carshalton Lavender so Special?

A combination of variety, the chalk soil conditions and climate make for a truly remarkable Lavender which is both deep and herbaceous and has wonderful floral top notes.

The Esther levels (often a mark of the purity and quality of Lavender) often exceed the most expensive high altitude Lavenders available and makes for a truly remarkable oil., even the French admit Carshalton Lavender is the finest Lavender in the world.

OakTree Lavender Farm Carshalton

In 2015 Naturallythinking aquired a 25 acre site on the Carshalton / Banstead border where we will expand the growing of Original Carshalton Lavender and also kick start the revival of Mitcham Peppermint, English Chamomile, Sage, Basil and Rosemary.

We will be opening the site to the Public in 2019, alongside our nearby site at the Telegraph Track where you can experience the magical enjoyment of walking through a fully working Lavender Farm.

The Telegraph Track Carshalton

The Jewel of English Lavender, the Telegraph Track offers visitors an indulgent experience in Lavender.

Our 25 acre site, opening to the Public in 2019 is home to our complete herbal and extract growing experience. Experience the indulgence of Naturallythinking products, set amongst 18 acres of Lavender and 7 acres of Peppermint, Basil, Sage and Rosemary as well as over 100 different botanical extracts growing Organically in our fields.

Enjoy lunch at our cafe with views over the Lavender fields and ingredients grown in our own fields and our neighbours "Sutton Community Farm" or take a stroll through our fields and take in the relaxing atmosphere.

During the Summer harvest we will harvest our Lavender and throughout the summer our other plants will be harvested for oil.

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