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Order your Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR)

If you make products which will sell within the UK and EU, you are legally obliged under the EU Cosmetics Regulations to have carried out a Cosmetic Products Safety Report (previously known as a safety assessment / toxicology report). The Cosmetic Products Safety Report (CPSR) should be carried out by a person with the relevant qualifications and experience.

In 2013, these rules get tougher with the onus on the producer to declare their products are being placed on the market, rather than current regulations in the UK that allow for more trust and you will only be inspected if the relevant authority requests your documents in the UK.

These rules affect you now, every product you sell, whether it to be to family and friends, at a market stall, within Spas or at a retail outlet or on the internet requires a Cosmetic Products Safety Report.

Due to the growing needs of our customers and due to our own requirements, we have our own in-house Toxicologist to ensure full legal and product compliance.

Will you need your product to be tested?

The 2013 Regulations require that most of your products are microbiologically and stability tested before the Cosmetic Products Safety Report can be made. There are some exceptions, namely oil based products that contain no water do not need a microbiological preservative test, but they still will need a stability test. However, products such as a salt scrub, although containing no water will still need a test as their likelihood of water contact during use is very high and therefore, there is a risk of water contamination to the product.

At Naturallythinking, we offer both Microbiological Preservative Testing and Stability Testing.

The Cosmetic Products Safety Assessment , microbiological testing and stability testing should form part of your “Product Information Pack”. This pack is relatively easy and simple to prepare, although a little time consuming.

The Information We Require to Create Your Safety Assessment

Example of Information required for a Product formulated from Naturallythinking Ingredients (Lavender and Tea Tree Moisture Cream)













In the above example, all the information if you are making a Lavender and Tea Tree Cream using a Naturallythinking moisture cream

What we will require from you

We do not need to physically see your product in order to create a Cosmetic Product Safety Report, however if you require us to do your microbiological and stability test as well, then we will need samples of your product (details further below). If you have testing data from alternative sources, we can produce your Safety Assesment without you providing samples of your product, just as long as you send us the microbiological and stability data.

To produce your saftey assessment we need to know the ingredients that you are putting into your product and the percentage of each. If you are manufacturing a product from scratch, we need every ingredient, if you are using a Naturallythinking base, you just need to tell us the base you are using and the ingredients you are adding. We will require you to obtain the MSDS and if appropiate the Certificate of Analysis for each ingredient not purchased from Naturallythinking and email us (toxicology@naturallythinking.eu) this information after purchasing your Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR), quoting your order number when emailing.

We can create safety assessments and testing data for both products made with our ingredients or ingredients from elsewhere

We are happy to create safety assessments for both products built upon our bases and products which are formulated without the use of our products (these may take a little longer to produce, as our toxicologist may need to create new research into the ingredients that you use. If you use any obscure ingredients, please provide contact details for the ingredients manufacturer and the inci name if possible).

For all formulations, in addition to the product details, we will need your details on Product Name and Registered Address.

What to Expect from Us

Our toxicologist will initially look over your formula. The regulations make statements on the maximum percentages of many ingredients as well as their effects when combined with other ingredients, so our toxicologist will examine your formula to understand the cumulative effects of many of your ingredients. Our toxicologist will also look over your formula to ensure you are not using any banned ingredients.

If our toxicologist finds any problems with your formulation, she will contact you with recommendations on areas that you need to change in your formulation. You may wish to go away at this point and slightly reformulate to meet the guidelines of the EU law or take our toxicologists recommendations.

When the basic formulation is created, our toxicologist will prepare your toxicology report. In the toxicology report she will outline the following areas:

Toxicological Content, with ingredient toxicology reviews

Detailed Individual Ingredient Information

Ingredient Toxicity Information

Historical Ingredient Scientific Information

IFRA Standard Review (If relevant)

Product Analysis

Safety Labelling Advice

Labelling Suggestion for Ingredients

Toxicological and Regulatory Review

Part B, Final Product Conclusion & Reasoning

Provide a Sign off

As part of the analysis, our toxicology report will also include any specific details about warnings and precautions you should include on your label.


You can get these these tests performed elsewhere and pass us the testing certificates or we can carry these out for you as part of the overall testing. Please see our Microbiological Preservative Test page by clicking here and our Stability Testing page by clicking here.

In What Countries are Naturallythinking Toxicology Reports Valid?

Our toxicology reports are valid throughout the EU, these includes all member states:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom

About Our Toxicologist, Maria Mayordomo

Our toxicologist, Maria Mayordomo is a registered Pharmacist in the UK (MPharm) with a masters in Pharmacy and a degree in Sports Nutrition.

Maria actively works on Cosmetic formulation, looking at new and innovative ingredients and their effective implementation into cosmetic function. Maria heads our laboratory and is responsible for all Microbiological preservative and stability testing.

Maria has recently spent a week at the EU in Brussels with those that legislate and create the law to ensure our full compliance and understanding of the law.

Cosmetic Products Safety Assessment (CPSR) Details

MSDS Information  Click here to download our toxicology brochure

Naturallythinking Professional Price £25 click to find out how to join...

£39.00 (inc. VAT)
Product Name:
Product Formulation:
Product Manufacture Address:
Purpose of Product:
Packaging Material:
Closure Material and Liner:
Responsible Person:
Contact Phone Number:
Contact Email Address:
Upload Details (optional):

(Maximum Size: 4.88 MB. Type: gif,jpg,doc,docx,xls,odt,ods,pdf,txt)

Completing your Safety Assessment

Product Name

The name you have given to your product i.e. Lavender & Geranium Shampoo

Product Formulation

The complete listing of your products ingredients, individually listed, with the ingredient name, inci name (if known), CAS number (if known), percentage in your product. If you are using a naturallythinking base product, simply list the base you are using and the ingredients you are adding, with relevant percentages and we will do the rest for you. Click here for a PDF or click here for a Microsoft Word guide on how to best submit your information for quick and accurate toxicology reports.

Product Manufacture Address

The address where your product is manufactured (this can be your home, workshop, factory etc.)

Purpose of Product

The primary aim is to establish whether the product is leave on or wash off, so please indicate whether it is for use in the bath, shower gel, shampoo, moisture cream, leave in conditioner etc.

Packaging Material

Details on the packaging of your product i.e. Aluminium, Plastic (and type of plastic i.e. PET, HDPE). If you are using Naturallythinking packaging please just tell us which bottle / jar and we will complete this for you. If you are using packaging from an external source, we may require a certificate to confirm conformity to new EU laws, so please provide details of place of purchase.

Closure Material & Liner

Details of the closure i.e. black plastic pump. The material it is made from i.e. PP Plastic (let us know if there are multiple materials on the closure, for example the tube maybe a different plastic to the screw neck). We also need the details of any liner on the closure, for example and EPE liner which is often found in the caps.

Responsible Person

Who is the person primarily responsible for the product.

Contact Telephone Number

A contact telephone number for the responsible person.

Contact Email Address

A contact email address for the responsible person

Upload Details

If you have the details we require stored in a spreadsheet, document, pdf etc. simply upload the file using the "upload details link" and there is no need to fill in the information above. This stage is optional if you do not have a file to upload.

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