CPSR / PET and Stability Testing

CPSR Laboratory Services

Our core laboratory service consist of Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR), Stability Testing and Preservative Efficacy Testing (PET) Testing. Our testing is aimed at the requirements of EU Cosmetic Regulation 1223/2009. To sell your product legally in the EU and conform to EU Cosmetic Regulation 1223/2009, you need a CPSR, and in addition you could also require a Stability and PET Testing (subject to certain criteria).

Please note we only produce CPSR's for products which are made using Naturallythinking Ingredients and / or Cosmetic Bases as well as a small number of "allowed" ingredients from other suppliers (currently Beeswax, Honey and Potassium hydroxide). You can use any of our essential oils, extracts, actives or Cosmetic Bases in your products.

Some Useful Notes to Help you compile your CPSR

Below we have compiled advice to help you understand the procedure to follow and the testing requirements for your product.

What do I need to do to sell my products legally in the EU?

To sell cosmetics in the EU you require the relevant testing and CPSRBefore selling your Cosmetic Product (cosmetics, toiletries, creams, lotions, make-up, hair products, deodorants, fragrances, sun care products, shaving products, some teeth products) within the EU, it is a requirement your product is assessed and signed off by a person with the relevant qualifications as defined by EU 1223/2009 Cosmetic Law. The documents created is known as as Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR).

You shouldn't be put off by the law. Providing you are making a legal and well thought out product, the assessment process can be carried our quickly and cost effectively by Naturallythinking.

In order to produce a CPSR, our assessor will require the following

  • The formulation, including percentages of each ingredient
  • A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for each ingredient and sometimes a Certificate of Analysis (COA) (these are available from your ingredient supplier)
  • The type and size of packaging for the product, including closure / dispenser (your product packaging supplier can supply you all the relevant information)
  • Stability Information on the product. If this product has been on the market for a long time, it maybe possible to use historical data, but normally Stability information is established by a Stability Test (see below).
  • Preservative Efficacy Test Data, only relevant if your product contains water. More details can be found below on Preservative Efficacy Testing.

Once your CPSR has been compiled, you are nearly there. You will need to notify your product on the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP) which is a free service and can be done online by yourself once you have your Cosmetic Product Safety Report in your hand.

You will need to keep information about each batch of ingredient you purchase and the batches you create. If you have any complaints about your product, you need to keep a record of all complaints. You record this information and keep it safe alongside your Cosmetic Product Safety Report. This is then known as your Product Information File (PIF).

You are now ready to sell your product within the United Kingdom and EU.

What is a Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR)?

Cosmetic Product Safety Report CPSR to sell in the EUA CPSR is a report on the safety and legality of a cosmetic product. This report can only be signed by a person with the relevant qualifications under EU 1223/2009 Cosmetic Law.

All products considered a cosmetic will require a Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR). Products include all cosmetics, toiletries, creams, lotions, make-up, hair products, deodorants, fragrances, sun care products, shaving products, some teeth products.

We do not need to physically see your product in order to create your CPSR.

What is Preservative Efficacy Test (PET), also known as a Microbiological Test?

A preservative efficacy test, tests the effectiveness of a preservative in a cosmeticA Preservative Efficacy Test ensures the effectiveness of the preservation system in your Cosmetic Product. If a product contains water, it will require a Preservative Efficacy Test. Testing involves taking a sample of product and combining with 2 bacteria and 2 fungi. Over a 30 day period the ability of your product to kill and maintain a bacteria period is monitored. If your product passes to ISO standard, we will give you a pass certificate that will enable you to complete a CPSR.

Not all products require a PET test, the following explains the scenarios when you will not require a Preservative Efficacy Test.

  • Your product contains less than 3% water (including floral waters etc.)
  • Your product has a pH of 10 or more or a pH of 2 or less
  • Massage Oils, Facial Oils and other oils preparations that are 100% Oil will not require a PET Test.
  • Powders will not Require a PET Test.
  • 100% Wax Products will not Require a PET Test
  • 100% Butter based products will not require a PET Test (this excludes body butters which are blended with water).
  • Soaps made through Saponification (the old fashioned way) (this excludes glycerin and melt and pour based soaps)

If your product requires a PET Microbiological Test, the CPSR cannot be created until the testing information is completed.

A PET Microbiological Test takes 30 days to complete and an additional 10 days in final screening (40 in total). We publish the schedule of test dates on the PET Microbiological Test ordering page. We advise booking your product testing slot early to avoid missing out on the next testing date as demand is high and the testing capacity fills up very quickly for each date. We advise you to get your PET Testing submitted and completed as soon as possible, so as not to delay your CPSR.

What we Require to Perform Your Preservative Efficacy Test

In order to perform the Preservative Efficacy Test, we require a 100ml sample of your product.

Order Online

Your Preservative Efficacy Test can be booked Online by clicking here. If you are also requiring a CPSR and Stability testing, you can book all 3 together by clicking here

What is a Stability Test?

A preservative efficacy test, tests the effectiveness of a preservative in a cosmeticThe purpose of a stability test is to assess the chemical, microbiological, physical stability of a product. The test assesses whether the quality, functionality and aesthetics when stored under appropriate conditions are maintained to a level that should be expected of the product.

The testing data will determine the expiry date that your products have.. This is the date you will place on your products packaging and it is the date that will be used in your Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR).

We take your 100ml bulk sample and divide it into inert glass jars for testing. These will form the control. We test your control at three different temperatures 4c, 25c and 45c. Separately we test 2 supplied samples of your product in the final packaging, one at 25c and one at 45c.

As part of your stability test, we will evaluate scientifically the shelf life of your product. The stability test data, will be the data that is used in your Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) as the recommended shelf life and the expiry date / period after opening that goes on your packaging.

Throughout the testing time, we measure the, pH, Viscosity, Appearance, Odour and Product Weight Lost. Continual evaluation of the product allows us to measure these variables and the effect of time, temperature and packaging on your product.

What we Require to Perform Your Stability Test

We require 2 of your products in your final packaging (including lid) and 100ml of your product in any packaging of your choice (we will decant this into our control glass containers).

Order Online

Your Stability Test can be booked Online by clicking here

How do I order?

How to Order your CPSR and Cosmetic TestingYou can order your CPSR, Stability Testing and Microbiological Testing Online. Simply follow the links and complete the information. If you are ordering a CPSR and require Microbiological and/or Stability Testing then these can be ordered all together on the CPSR page. Alternatively you can order them separately.

After you order a CPSR we will require the Safety Data Sheets of Each of your ingredients. Please email your safety data sheets to helpdesk@naturallythinking.eu with  your CPSR order number in the title. If possible please send them as PDF files. Please do not compress your files as a zip file, if you need to send multiple emails, please just make sure the order number is in the title of each email. We cannot accept documents by post or in person, all documents must be sent electronically by email.

Once you have placed your order, if you need to send any samples to us, please clearly label each individual product with your order number. If you have purchased CPSR's for multiple products, please also write them name of the product on the label. Please do not send samples of your products before you make your purchase Online, as any samples without order numbers on, will be disposed of.

Please send your samples to:

Toxicology Department
Unit 4, The Tramsheds
Coomber Way
CR0 4TQ 

What Samples do I need?
What Samples do I need to Send?

If you have only ordered a CPSR

We do not require any physical samples of your product

If you have ordered a Stability Test

We require 2 of your products in their final packaging and 100ml of your product in any type of packaging (this will be divided into glass jars by us as a control against your packaging)

If you have ordered a Preservative Efficacy Test (PET Test)

We require 100ml of your product in any packaging

When to send your samples

As soon as you place your order. Please put your order number and product name on each of your samples. Please do not send any samples before placing an order. Any samples received without an order number written on them will be disposed off.

Where to send your samples

Toxicology Department
Unit 4, The Tramsheds
Coomber Way
CR0 4TQ 

When will testing commence

For stability testing. Testing will commence within 2 weeks of receiving your sample. For Preservative Efficacy Testing (PET), Testing will start on the published date at the time of your order. Please pay attention to the next available date. Places book up quick, so we avoid purchasing your slot early to avoid missing the next testing date.

How long does Stability Testing Take

The longer you can keep your product testing (up to 16 weeks), providing your product is passing, the longer the shelf life of your product will be. If your product passes 16 weeks of testing, then we can give your product a 3 year shelf life and / or use within 12 months of opening label (this means you do not have to put an expiry date on your product. If your product fails before this, or you decide to stop testing so that you can produce a CPSR quicker, the following table applies.

Weeks Testing Shelf Life
4 Weeks 6 Months
8 Weeks 1 Year
12 Weeks 18 Months
16 Weeks 3 Years and/or 12 months from Opening

How long does Preservative Efficacy Testing (PET)

Preservative Efficacy Testing takes 30 days to complete. Please the allow an additional 7 days for your report to be completed.

Further Help and Advice

We are unable to offer free advice on the telephone. Our toxicologist is working full time to ensure Customers reports and Testing is performed on time. In order to keep your costs down, we offer an automated service where orders are placed Online and all correspondence is by email. If you are unsure whether you have all the information or that your formulation is legal, please use our Pre-Assessment service for £15. Submit all of your information on the CPSR order page, but from the first drop down, select "Pre Assessment". We will then assess your formulation for legality and let you know which documents we require. This gives you an affordable option to check the legality of your formula without spending £49 and/or starting physical testing only to find your formula fails. If you are in any doubt, use the Pre-Assessment Service.

We can offer telephone support, however this is charged at £80/hour and will need to be pre-ordered Online and a time scheduled that is mutually convenient.


We offer discounted rates to any customers that attend both our EU Cosmetic Regulation Course and our Good Manufacturing Course. The discount will not apply until you have completed these courses. We are able to offer you a discount after completion of these courses as your improved knowledge will enable you to correctly submit the information you supply to us.

CPSR Advisory Services

Your passion is for product formulation and your business, so we understand you may not know everything about EU law, legal limits and Good Manufacturing Practice. We are here to offer friendly and practical advice. Speak to our Toxicology Team in person or by telephone or use our affordable pre-assessment service to guide you in the right direction. Alternatively scroll down the page to take advantage of our courses at our Education Center.

Regulatory Courses

We understand that reading the legislation and laws required to sell your product within the EU can be confusing and a little bewildering. We run courses at our HQ in Beddington, London to help you understand your obligations and obtain a complete knowledge of the type of testing each product you create requires to sell. If you attend our EU legislation and GMP course we offer discounted rates on our laboratory product testing.

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