All the Ingredients you need to produce your own Skincare products


Butters for Cosmetic Skin Use, Aromat


Raw Clays and Muds


Emulsification for O/W and W/O


Surfactants to cleanse & foam


Preservatives for Cosmetic Use (Cosme


Natural salts for bath and cosmetic


Misc cosmetic ingredients

Tox Services

CPSR / PET and Stability Testing


Advanced natural actives


Formulation rheology modifiers

Feel Enhancer

Enhance the feel of your formulations

Bath Bomb Ingredients

Everything to make bath bombs

Plant Extracts

Natural Plant Extracts for Cosmetics


Super Natural Ingredients

Sage growing in field for essential oilIngredients can be used in their raw state or together to create your own personlised skin care solutions.

 At Naturallythinking as well as offering you sublime natural skincare products, we stock a complete range of ingredients to create your own tailored skincare products.

Ingredients can be blended into our base and formulated products or simply start from scratch and create your own products from our online recipes.

Absolutely Ethical all the time

We source our ingredients from throughout the Globe. It is always important to us that Environment, Workers and Animals aren't compromised in anyway

We believe skincare can only feel good, if you know it comes from Goodness.

We avoid palm based ingredients and ensure the ingredients we do sell conform to the requirements of the Vegan Society. No animal can be harmed in anyway either through extraction, processing or testing. 

Ingredient of the Month

Glyceryl stearate S/EWhen you are making Creams and Lotions, Glyceryl Stearate S/E is a must have ingredient. Add stability, viscosity and emulsion to your Cream or Lotion with ease. At just £11/kg and usage levels from just 0.2%, it is a highly cost effective and skin loving ingreident.

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Want to Learn How to make your own Cosmetics?

Our courses, based at our HQ in Croydon (South London) are a great way to learn. Whether you are producing as a Hobby or Business they are fun and informative, teaching you to produce Skincare products from Raw Ingredients..

Why not visit one of our Open Days and experience our free product making demonstrations as well as meet other like minded people.

If you are looking for some inspiration in formulation or for hot new ingredients, checkout our blogs with Recipies, Hints and TIps updated daily.

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Making for Home, Selling to Public, Know the Law

If you are making products for your own home use, there are no laws you have to comply with (though it definately is worth checking them out, because they are there to ensure your safety).

If you are producing Cosmetic products for resale (including ebay, farmers markets or simply for your friend next door), then you must ensure you have met your obligations under EU Law. Our EU Cosmetic Regulation course, is a 2 days course that teaches you your obligations before putting any skincare product on the market.

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Naturallythinking ethical skincare and cosmetic ingredients for aromatherapy