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Collagen for your skin enhances the connective tissue for younger looking skin

Skin Collagen

Collagen makes up 75% of the bodies connective tissue, a natural combination of two peptide proteins which combine to reproduce the skin and most other connective tissues in our bodies.

Youthful skin is the result of rich and healthy collagen levels in the body. Our Collagen products use an active blend of pro-collagen, elastins and collagens marine harvested.

Skin vitality is boost with collagen

Skin Vitality

The bodies ability to produce collagen as we get older diminishes. Environmental factors, diet and alcohol all conspire to reduce our natural collagen levels and lead to aged skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

Topical application of the finest forms of Marine collagen can help replenish the skin of lost collagen and help you restore vitality to your skin.

Skin elasticity is boost with the application of collagen and collagen pro in a cream


The free helical elastin chains (consisting of 10 to 20 amino acids) found in Marine Collagen allow for the formation of a flexible moisturizing film with elasticity on the surface of the skin and hair, enhancing suppleness and moisture content, preventing dryness and helping minimize the fine lines typical of dry skin conditions.

Complete skincare with Marine Collagen, Toner, Cream, Butter and Face Wash

Marine Collagen Pack Special Value

No compromise skin care, combine Marine Collagen Cream, Marine Collagen Face Wash, Marine Collagen Toner, Marine Collagen Eye Gel and our Marine Collagen Body Butter at our specially discount price of £49. Click here

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