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Our facial scrubs are made naturally for health and vibrant skin

Healthy and Vibrant Skin Naturally

Natural exfoliant and natural ingredients to remove dead skin whilst providing instant remoisturisation and antibacterial protection to your skin

Olive Stone Face scrub made with crushed and dried Olive Stones

Baked Olive Stone in Aloe Vera 2:1

We use natural Olive stones in our exfoliate products. After the flesh of the stone is removed, we bake the stones for 4 hours to completely remove any moisture and then blend to a fine granule that provide a gentle 100% natural oleic acid rich exfolient.

Our baked Olive stones are then soaked in a 2:1 concentrate of Aloe Vera to, the exfoliating properties remain with a gentle skin soothe, that only Aloe Vera can provide.

It is important to exfoliate and apply a face scrub weekly to remove dead skin cells.

Don't miss a trick, make sure you exfoliate

To ensure healthy and vibrant skin a weekly exfoliate with exfoliating face polish helps to remove dead skin cells, whilst protecting your new skin. Our custom blend of Olive stones, Aloe Vera and incredible natural ingredients ensures your skin remains healthy and vibrant.

In every Exfoliating Face Polish, you will find Coconut oil, we add our premium Coconut oil to soften your skin whilst you exfoliate and to harness the unique anti-bacterial properties of the oil, that kill bacteria within the pores whilst you polish.

Blends Oils in your face scrub to give your facial scrub different skin properties

Different oils, different properties or make your own

Take a look through our different exfolients to select the correct exfoliate for your skin type.

If you feel you need a more customised solution for specific problems with your skin, try our "Simple Exfoliate" and blend your own essential oils (it can also be used alone on sensitive skin) to create special and customised skincare solutions.

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