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The Guide to a Great Healthy Beard

Oiling your beard is an important part of your beard maintenance, some of the greatest men in history have maintained their beard by regular oiling.

Our beard oil will keep your beard ends from becoming tiny razor wires, that exfoliate all who come near you. Regular oiling will condition your beard to grow strong and healthy, smoothing the tips.

Who wants to see Fluffy Dandruff?

One of the most embarrassing moments for a bearded many is a flurry of dandruff falling from your beard, your shirt or jumper covered in little white flakes. Regular Beard Oil application helps to eliminate dandruff, keeping the skin under your beard well conditioned and bacteria free.

Good Face Wash is Essential

Ensuring your beard is clean is a vital part of maintenance, so a regular face wash and foam of your beard will keep your beard and importantly your skin underneath, free of bacterial and fungal infections.

Keep your Beard Tip Top

After washing a small dab of Beard Oil will help ensure your beard does not become "frizzy", reducing static, improving both the appearance and feel of your beard.

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Recycling Your Packaging

We actively encourage you to recycle and reuse all Naturallythinking Bottles and Jars, whether they be aluminium, plastic or glass. The life of your bottle and jar does not need end when you have finished the product inside. Our Jars and bottles can be used for anything from stationary to arranging Lego Bricks.

Please never throw empty packaging in the bin. Always recycle your Plastic packaging in the relevant facilities. All of our Plastic Packaging is either PET, PP or HDPE Plastic, so can be readily recycled in household recycling facilities or local plastic waste recycling. If plastic is recycled it still remains one of the most environmentally friendly packaging materials available. Our Glass and Aluminium can be readily recycled in standard household recycling facilities.

For more information on our comparison of packaging types, please see our blog at:

Ensure Packaging is Recycled

  • Always rinse your packaging before putting it in the recycling bin
  • Always seperate the closure and bottle or jar. Often they are made of different materials, seperating ensures both parts will be recycled

Refillable Shower Gel and Shampoo Now Available at our Shop!

Refillable Shower Gel now available at our Shop

If you live close to our shop in Croydon, why not come down and sample our Shower Gel or Shampoo of the month.

Bring your own bottle (please makre sure it is clean) and we can refill it for £5/litre with our Shower Gel or Shampoo of the month (minimum size 200ml).

We are just behind John Lewis, Purley Way, Croydon - For more details click here.

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