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Suitable for skincare, cosmetics, stationery & food

Packaging for Cosmetics and Skincare

Our Packaging is Primarily intended for Cosmetic use. Our bottles and jars are all used as part of our skincare products. We stock the bottles and jars because we use them everyday as part of our skincare range. All of our Plastic bottles and Jars are made from PET plastic, which doesn't leave harmful residues in the soil and our caps are lined with EPE liners to ensure maximum compatibility with all cosmetic products.

Bottles for House & Car Products

You will find our bottles and jars used in a multitude of other uses. One of the most popular uses are for car cleaning products, from high end car shampoo to polishes and waxes.

Household products can be packaged in our Plastic PET bottles, our Trigger Spray being a favourite for natural household cleaners and don't forget our lovely aluminium jars are perfect for beeswax polish!

Bottles and Jars for Food and Stationery

All of our bottles and jars are food safe. PET plastic is the industry standard plastic for use with food products and many of the bottles and jars are used by manufacturers to produce products from Cocoa to Orange Juice.

Our Plastic 400ml Jars are especially popular for packaging herbal teas, chocolate powder and superfoods. Safe for use in the Freezer.

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  1. 10ml Green Dropper Bottle
    10ml Green Dropper Bottle
    £0.30 £0.25
  2. Glass pipette for 50ml amber dropper bottles
    18mm Glass Pipette for 50ml Dropper Bottles
    £0.35 £0.29
  3. Glass pipette for amber dropper bottles suitable for 18mm neck and 100ml dropper bottle
    18mm Glass Pipette for 100ml Dropper Bottles
    £0.35 £0.29
  4. 10ml Amber Dropper Bottle
    10ml Amber Dropper Bottle
    £0.15 £0.12
  5. 30ml Amber dropper bottle type 3 glass for aromatherapy
    30ml Amber Dropper Bottle
    £0.20 £0.17
  6. 50ml Amber Dropper Bottle
    50ml Amber Dropper Bottle
    £0.35 £0.29
  7. 100ml Amber Dropper Bottle
    100ml Amber Dropper Bottle
    £0.40 £0.33
  8. 100ml Blue Glass Dropper Bottle
    100ml Blue Dropper Bottle
    £0.60 £0.50
  9. 10ml Blue Dropper Bottle
    10ml Blue Dropper Bottle
    £0.25 £0.21
  10. 18mm neck glass dropper bottle in blue with 30ml size
    30ml Blue Dropper Bottle
    £0.35 £0.29
  11. 20ml Blue Dropper Bottle
    20ml Blue Dropper Bottle
    £0.30 £0.25
  12. 5ml Amber Glass Dropper Bottle
    5ml Amber Dropper Bottle
    £0.14 £0.12
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