Sandalwood Essential Oil, back in stock and now Organic!

Organic Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood essential oil, santalum album, organic sandalwood essential oilSandalwood Essential Oil has seen continuing price rises over the past decade, none more so that the past 2 years. A combination of soaring demand and increasing scarcity have put continued pressure on the price of Sandalwood Essential Oil.

We are pleased to announce an new collaboration with our Australian partners to provide "Indian Sandalwood" grown responsibly, sustainably and approved Organic by EcoCert. (We are in the process of converting this to a Organic claim on our label with the Soil Association).

Santalum album, it is Organic and the finest Indian Sandalwood

Our new Sandalwood supply is real "Indian Sandalwood", that has been grown sustainably. For every tree harvested at least 2 are grown in it's place on a managed plantation.

The resultant quality of oil is classic Sandalwood Essential Oil with a rich, creamy and woody texture and beautifully aromatic. A small amount will give quality and texture to any blend as well as provide it traditional calming and relaxing properties. 

By working direct with our growers, we are able to provide our Organic Sandalwood at a sensational £29 for 10ml and we will soon add Organic Certification to the label at no additional cost.

Available to buy online, click here to purchase Organic Sandalwood Essential Oil and for further information.

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