Organic Shea Butter now available in 5kg and 25kg packs

Organic Shea Butter new pack sizes and the finest quality

Organic Shea butter is a truly amazing ingredient and one which should find it's way into every household. We always insist on stocking Organic Shea butter as it is one ingredient where they quality difference between Organic and Conventional is large.

A multiple of skin conditions can be treated successfully with the simple application of Organic Shea butter and it's luxurious texture will always leave you feeling .

Due to popular demand we have added Organic Shea Butter Refined in 5kg and 25kg pack sizes. We have just taken delivery of 20,000kg of beautiful Organic Shea Butter, from Burkina Faso. Refined without the use of chemicals, perfect for use directly on the skin and in skincare products.

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Organic Shea Butter is available in 1kg, 5kg and 25kg sizes

The wild Shea nut tree grows exclusively in the savannahs of the Sahel region of northern Africa, located between Senegal and the Sudan. The origin of our Shea butter is Burkina Faso.

The Shea tree produces its first fruit when it is about 20 years old and reaches full production at the age of 40 - 50. Shea butter is obtained from the seeds of the karité nuts and over 90% of the Shea exported is used in the food industry as a cocoa butter equivalent. In addition, Shea butter is widely used in skin care products and cosmetic formulations.

The crude Shea butter comes directly from the cooperatives in the village of Burkina and is physically refined at without using solvents (chemical refining), which destroy all the vitamins. The refined Shea butter does not contain any additives.


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