Microbead free face scrub Tomato and Olive Stone

Mircobead free face scrub with Tomato and Olive Stone

Microbead Free Face Scrub

Our new microbead free face scrub of Tomato and Olive Stone compliments our range of face scrubs and exfoliates that have always been 100% microbead free. We have been campaigning for the end of the microbeads for more than 5 years.

Microbeads have no place in natural skincare products, so it has always been easy for us to produce a microbead free face scrub. Using natural ground Olive stones, they are a by-product of the Olive industry and would otherwise go to waste. Finely ground, they are the perfect natural stone for facial exfoliation.

Rich in Lycopene

In partnership with Sutton Community Farm, we have taken the extract of Organic Tomatoes, rich in Lycopene and created this superb antioxidant rich face scrub.

Encapsulated in a natural gel made from Coconut Esters, Squalane (to give instant moisturisation and softness), rich Cold Pressed Olive Oil and Ethically harvested Moroccan Argan, this  microbead free face scrub has a gel like feel, but with enough natural friction to exfoliate deeply.

Microbead free face scrub available Available October 6, 2016

Our new microbead free face scrub will be available for sale from October 6, 2016 priced at £7 for 100ml.

For more information on the antioxidant and skin protecting effects of natural squalane, please see our article on Tomatoes and their Anti ageing effects by clicking here

For more information on microbeads please visit the Greenpeace website by clicking here (this isn't a political endorsement of Greenpeace's work, simply a link to a good article, since this article by Green peace was written on microbeads a ban has been put in place by both the UK and European Government / Parliament ).

In addition to our new Tomato and Olive Stone Face Scrub, we have a range of existing microbead free face scrub which can be viewed on the website by clicking here. Our Simple Exfoliating Face Polish is particularly suited to those with sensitive skin or those who want to create customised face masks with the addition of their own essential oils, carrier oils and natural plant actives.

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