Anti Dandruff shampoo Make your own recipe

Anti dandruff Shampoo recipe using natural extracts, oils and Climbazole

You can make your own wonderful and natural anti dandruff shampoo using our simple recipe and wonderful natural ingredients, to create a highly effective treatment, that uses premium ingredients and is loving for your scalp and hair.

The key ingredients in our Anti Dandruff Shampoo Recipe

Time to Produce your anti dandruff shampoo

It should take just 5 minutes to produce this anti dandruff recipe with climbazole and can be done with simple agitation (shaking the bottle) thanks to the excellent abilities of Naturallythinking SLS Free Shampoo base to combine with oils and extracts to form stable and effective hair products.

A little about the ingredients we are using to create the shampoo

Naturallythinking SLS Free Shampoo Base

The Shampoo Base is designed to easily blend with essential oils, natural extracts, actives and oils. It is based on natural glucosides and is free from sulphates. It is gentle on the hair and an excellent starting point to tailor own custom haircare solutions. Naturallythinking SLS Free Shampoo base is available in sizes from 100ml to 100 Litres. Click here to buy SLS Free Shampoo Base Online

Climbazole anti dandruff active ingredientClimbazole

Climabzole is an extract which is used in high-end anti dandruff shampoo preparations. A white crystalline powder, Climbazole easily blends into the shampoo base and disperses with agitation of the bottle (shaking). Climbazole is also commonly used in natural acne products as an effective acne control. Always use gloves when handling and mixing Climbazole into your products. Click here to buy Climbazole online

Essential Oils

Essential Oils we like to use Clary Sage, Tea Tree, Lavender, Rosemary and Peppermint in blends for controlling dandruff. We do not specifically recommend an essential oil blend in this recipe as the Climbazole is very effective at controlling dandruff, therefore we recommend a blend of around 1% in total of essential oils is appropiate. You can blend for scent, or Clary Sage is excellent at controlling oil secretion levels in the hair, Lavender can help soothe sensitive scalps and Peppermint can be useful in creating a cooling sense, with adds refreshment and a cleansing feel to your shampoo. Click here to buy Essential Oils Online


Removing dandruff from your scalp can sometimes cause mild irritation, simply as a course of the process, not necessarily from any particular ingredient.  The addition of Bisabolol to the recipe can help relieve the feeling of irritation and bring soothing relief to even the most senstivie of scalps. Bisabolol can also be used in skincare products to help reduce the irritancy of a product and so is wonderful on sensitive skin or that of children and babies. Click here to buy Bisabolol online

Menthone Glycerine Acetal

An excellent ingredient for providing that "iced" feel when using a product. It makes the Shampoo feel refreshing and psychologically aids the feeling of the final product working. As with Bisabolol Menthone Glyceryl Acetal can reduce irritancy to the scalp in an anti dandruff shampoo as the cooling effect removes any burning sensation. In skincare products Menthone Glycerine Acetal is effective at providing all over body cooling and relief for sensitive skin types. Menthone Glycerine Acetal has a very low scent, allowing it to be easily formulated into final formulations for haircare and skincare cosmetic products. Click here to buy Menthone Glycerine Acetal online

Blending your Anti Dandruff Shampoo

We are going to base this recipe on using our Naturallythinking 1 litre SLS Free Shampoo base. Make adjustments accordingly to the size of  Shampoo you are creating.

  1. Take 1 Litre of Naturallythinking SLS Free Shampoo Base
  2. Add 0.5% Climbazole Powder (5g)
  3. Add up to 1% Essential OIl (10ml)
  4. Add up to 2% Carrier Oil (20ml)
  5. (Optional) Add up to 0.1% Bisabolol (1g) for anti-irritancy effect
  6. (Optional) Add up to up to 1% Menthone Glycerin Acetal (10ml) for iced cooling effect


Give the bottle a good shake for 1 minute and then you are ready to use. You have produced a premium anti dandruff shampoo that is effective and full of natural actives. You can further enhance the shampoo with additional natural actives and feel enhancers for your hair type.

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