Cosmetic Bases Price List

48233_10152115026395543_831160341_oCosmetic Base Price List now online

We now have a price list online of our Cosmetic Bases, to print off, or save the PDF on your computer to easily refer to the  Cosmetic bases we manufacturer and the prices for the different sizes.

Download by following this link: Cosmetic Bases Price List

We are the only independent manufacturer of Cosmetic Bases in the UK

Unlike other aromatherapy companies, we manufacture all of our products in-house, we do not purchase our bases from third parties and re-sell, they are all made in-house, in Beddington, Surrey by Naturallythinking. We use the finest ingredients for the efficacy, sustainability and quality.

We have been manufacturing Cosmetics since 2000

Since 2000 we have been manufacturing skincare cosmetics. Our cosmetic bases are designed in-house and understand the demands made upon the base by the addition of carrier oils and essential oils. Our Cosmetic bases are beautiful used alone, by can be enhanced by the addition of essential oils, carrier oils, plant oils and active ingredients.

Did you know we can certify your product so that you legally sell it in the UK?

Our in-house toxicologist can certify the products you make with Naturallythinking ingredients, providing you make your products entirely from Naturallythinking ingredients. If you use our bases and work within the parameters outline at:, then we can issue you the paperwork you legally require to sell your product in the EU within 72 hours.  At only £49 for the service, we are one of the most affordable and quickest ways to bring your product to market.

See our full range of Cosmetic Bases by clicking here

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