Anti Dandruff shampoo Make your own recipe

Anti dandruff Shampoo recipe using natural extracts, oils and Climbazole. You can make your own wonderful and natural anti dandruff shampoo using our simple recipe and wonderful natural ingredients, to create a highly effective treatment, that uses premium ingredients and is loving for your scalp and hair.

Vapour Rub Natural make your own recipe

A great natural vapour rub that is really simple to make and uses 100% natural oils, instead of using commercially available petrolatum based vapour rub products. A natural decongestant formula of Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Cinnamon.

Pumpkin Spice Shower Gel amazing Pumpkin skin properties

Pumpkin Spice Shower Gel a superb skin moisturising shower gel, made with Organic Pumpkins from our friends at Sutton Community Farm. Find out about Pumpkin skin properties and its amazing regenerative effect on the skin.

Bath Bomb Ingredients available from stock

We are now stocking bath bomb ingredients, Citric acid and Sodium bicarbonate as well as our butters and oils, great online prices and available from stock.

Growing Pine Trees for Pine Essential Oil

Pine Essential Oil production in the Surrey Hills, with farm and distil the Pine Oil for Pine Essential Oil and Pine Floral Water

Harvest @ Sutton Community Farm

We spent the day at Sutton Community Farm celebrating their harvest festival. It's been a great day at the festival and we have celebrated by giving away our awesome Cucumber Face Wash made with Cucumbers harvested at the farm on Wednesday.

Sutton Community Farm & NT natural skincare products

Our first of our new natural skincare product is made with the superb Organic Cucumbers from Sutton Community Farm. They grow like a Cucumber should, not all straight and boring and full of colour and texture, they smell amazing.

Organic Shea Butter now available in 5kg and 25kg packs

Organic Shea butter is a truly amazing ingredient and one which should find it's way into every household. We always insist on stocking Organic Shea butter as it is one ingredient where they quality difference between Organic and Conventional is large.

Reviving Mitcham Peppermint

Our new Carrot and Peppermint Shower gel uses the first commercially grown Mitcham Peppermint essential oil since production ceased in 1932. Fresh, minty and cooling, our shower gel is a skin lovers delight.

Dandelion Extract, grown naturally for skin and hair care

Dandelion extract is produced at our farm, with our Dandelions grown without the use of Pesticides of Chemicals. We hand pick the Dandelions and macerate in Organic Glycerine to extract the key properties of the Dandelion flower.

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