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Soil Association Certified Organic Essential Oils

Certified by the Soil Association

Our range of Organic carrier oils and Organic Essential Oils are certified by the Soil Association, so that you can guarantee the purity and legitimacy of our Organic Oils.

Our Soil Association License number is DJ22342 (view our soil association certificate here and our Soil Association Trading Schedule here). We have a growing range of Certified Organic Essential oils and Carrier oils and will increase our range of organic aromatherapy oils as we we find high quality Organic oil growers.

Lavender essential oil distilled and grown in the UK

Quality, Traceability and Freshness

Everyday we receive new deliveries of oils, pressed just days before. Our fast turn around of oils ensures you receive Premium, Fresh, Vitamin and Nutrient rich oils.

Our labellings standards exceed the requirements defined by the Aromatherapy Trade Council.

We take great care in sourcing the finest essential oils from throughout the world and we feel it is important the label gives you all the information you need: Natural chemical constituents, Skin type suitability, Maximum usage levels, Country of Origin, Latin Name, Batch Number

Whether an enthusiast or a professional, our safe labels save you time and give you peace of mind

Our cold pressed Organic oils are pressed naturally for purity without heat

Pressed and extracted by the finest method

We source our oils by choosing the finest method of oil production.

For some carrier oils this is cold-pressed, for others it is Expeller pressing, for example Sweet Almond should always be Expeller Pressed for optimum quality and usability whilst Rosehip is at it's finest cold-pressed.

We use our carrier oils in our own Cosmetic Skincare production and in our own Spa for Treatments, giving us a unique position to understand the requirements of both the therapist and Skincare producer.

Free Shipping

Free UK Shipping on all Cosmetics, Fixed price Shipping for Ingredients, Economical Delivery for Packaging

European Express

Low cost delivery throughout Europe and Express Options available

Against Animal Testing

Our ingredients and products have never been tested on animals

Free From

No Animals Fats or Waxes, No Parabens, No Artificial Fragrances

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