Made by us in the UK

We make our Cosmetic bases in Surrey, We 100% know what goes in every base ensuring provenance, quality and ethics.

100ml to 1000 Litres

We have no minimum order. Our bases are used by enthusiasts, businesses and spas.

Easily sell your products

We have a range of CPSR services to get the products you make with our bases legal quickly.

Simply Natural

Our Cosmetic Bases are Vegan friendly, Not Tested on Animals, Paraben Free and GMO Free

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  1. Clay Cleanser, restoring and toning
    Clay Facial Cleanser
    £3.00 £2.50
  2. Body Butter Base
    Body Butter Base
    £5.00 £4.17
  3. Aftershave balm by Naturallythinking with pure ingredients for a smoother shave and to stop skin irritation
    Aftershave Balm
    £2.50 £2.08
  4. Bath Foam Cosmetic Base for use with essential oils, aromatherapy and spa
    Bath Foam
    £2.50 £2.08
  5. Bath Oil Base for aromatherapy essential oils and fragrances
    Bath Oil
    £3.00 £2.50
  6. Cleanser, simply natural for vibrant skin, use alone or mix with essential oils
    £2.50 £2.08
  7. Cucumber Cleanser
    Cucumber Cleanser
    £2.50 £2.08
  8. Hair Conditioner base for customisation to tailored haricare
    Hair Conditioner
    £3.00 £2.50
  9. Exfoliating Body Lotion to exfoliate the skin
    Body Exfoliate Lotion
    £3.50 £2.92
  10. Exfoliating Facial Poilish
    Facial Exfoliate Creme - Skin Polish
    £5.00 £4.17
  11. Simple face wash for use alone or with the addition of aromatherapy oils and actives
    Face Wash
    £3.00 £2.50
  12. Moisture Cream Base
    Moisture Cream
    £3.50 £2.92
  13. Moisture Lotion Base
    Moisture Lotion
    £3.00 £2.50
  14. Clear shampoo cosmetic base
    Shampoo Clear
    £2.50 £2.08
  15. SLS Free Shampoo for all hair types
    Shampoo SLS free Extra Mild
    £2.50 £2.08
  16. SLS Free Shower Gel
    Shower Gel SLS free Extra Mild
    £2.50 £2.08
  17. Clear shower gel for aromatherapy and essential oil use
    Shower Gel Clear
    £2.00 £1.67
  18. Aloe Vera Gel, skin hydrating gel with pure Aloe Vera for a soothing aloe vera gel to add essential oils
    Aloe Vera Gel
    £5.00 £4.17
  19. Aloe & Seaweed Gel with real seaweed and aloe vera
    Aloe Vera & Seaweed Gel
    £5.00 £4.17
  20. natural face clay, simple to add ingredients
    Face Mask Base
    £7.00 £5.83
  21. Liquid Soap SLS Free
    Liquid Soap SLS Free
    £5.00 £4.17
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23 Items

per page

Versatile Cosmetic Bases

Cosmetic bases are base toiletries which you can tailor to produce your own personalised products

The bases can be used alone for sensitive skin, but the special formulation ensures you can add essential oils, carrier oils and other cosmetic ingredients to produce products for your own particular skin type, indulgence or commonly for resale as your own brand or use in treatments. Customers purchasing cosmetic bases range from home enthusiasts making their family's skincare naturally, therapists making products for their clients or Spas using our bases to create treatments and after-sales products. Ethically we encourage the use of essential oils, vegetable based oils and other natural ingredients for blending in our cosmetic bases, however you are not limited to using just these, you can also use synthetic fragrances, colourings and ingredients. We are dedicated to providing the finest essential oils

We do not compromise on our commitment to the environment, long term sustainability and ethics towards growers, pickers and producers.

Looked at simply, would you want to use essential oils which have been produced by child labour or caused destruction and abuse to the land, ecosystem and wild life?

Naturally simple, high quality cosmetic bases, fragrance and parabens free

This makes them ideal for use on sensitive skin. As with all naturallythinking products, our cosmetic bases are: Not Tested on Animals Suitable for Vegans Fragrance Free Parabens Free

We freshly produce our products daily by hand

We have our own in house toxicologist to ensure product excellence and run our own microbiological testing to sure efficacy.

Purpose built production

Our manufacturing facility operates high grade, purpose built vessels equipped with stainless steel agitators and mixers. The water purification system is of particularly high specification and has been tailor made by a specialist water treatment company. It delivers such complete purification that the conductivity meter consistently records a zero reading. As well as producing for ourselves (Naturallythinking), we produce for many other manufacturers, Spas and cottage industries throughout the UK.

Our output has been approved as hypoallergenic by a toxicologist

The toxicologist noted that it "has been manufactured using raw materials specially selected as having either low allergenic potential or present at concentrations where such potential is minimized. It meets with the criteria for being described as hypoallergenic".

We carefully select each ingredient and formulate every product to deliver a consistently high quality output, be it with additional agents of essential oils, fragrances, tinctures or vegetable oils. Because we make all of our products by hand and in one place, distributing direct to customers, removing warehouses, supermarkets and associated transport from the chain - the carbon footprint of our products is significantly lower than the products you will find in the supermarket.

It is part of our ethical & environmental policy to source all of our products within our immediate vicinity.

Free Shipping

Free UK Shipping on all Cosmetics, Fixed price Shipping for Ingredients, Economical Delivery for Packaging

European Express

Low cost delivery throughout Europe and Express Options available

Against Animal Testing

Our ingredients and products have never been tested on animals

Free From

No Animals Fats or Waxes, No Parabens, No Artificial Fragrances


Recycling Your Packaging

We actively encourage you to recycle and reuse all Naturallythinking Bottles and Jars, whether they be aluminium, plastic or glass. The life of your bottle and jar does not need end when you have finished the product inside. Our Jars and bottles can be used for anything from stationary to arranging Lego Bricks.

Please never throw empty packaging in the bin. Always recycle your Plastic packaging in the relevant facilities. All of our Plastic Packaging is either PET, PP or HDPE Plastic, so can be readily recycled in household recycling facilities or local plastic waste recycling. If plastic is recycled it still remains one of the most environmentally friendly packaging materials available. Our Glass and Aluminium can be readily recycled in standard household recycling facilities.

For more information on our comparison of packaging types, please see our blog at:

Ensure Packaging is Recycled

  • Always rinse your packaging before putting it in the recycling bin
  • Always seperate the closure and bottle or jar. Often they are made of different materials, seperating ensures both parts will be recycled

Refillable Shower Gel and Shampoo Now Available at our Shop!

Refillable Shower Gel now available at our Shop

If you live close to our shop in Croydon, why not come down and sample our Shower Gel or Shampoo of the month.

Bring your own bottle (please makre sure it is clean) and we can refill it for £5/litre with our Shower Gel or Shampoo of the month (minimum size 200ml).

We are just behind John Lewis, Purley Way, Croydon - For more details click here.

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