Our Story from our Little   Garage to big things

Born in a Suburban Garage in 2000, we haven't always taken the most conventional path to growth, but we've always stuck to honesty and integrity of our product being the number one priority throughout.

Premium Ingredients,   Affordable Prices

Naturallythinking was founded by Danny Stanzl, At the time aromatherapy which should be full of colour was darkly packaged, often resembling slightly seedy products, neglected and slight unfashionable. Few other ingredients can make you feel good without bad side effects. An indulgent Aromatherapy Bath, Massage or simply burning the oils can transform mood, mind and skin.

From the beginning we had one goal; to provide premium aromatherapy and aromatherapy skincare products at affordable prices. Using natural based products had meant accepting something "second best", companies didn't invest the time to research the benefits of natural ingredients and the brands in the High Street, that at first looked natural, were anything but.

Having worked for Nelsons (the people that make Rescue Remedy), Danny had experience in what could be acheived with natural ingredients and how, if used properly, you could substitute chemicals with beautiful natural alternatives that bring benefit to the skin.

Lady Muck, Our Big Moment

Having started from a stainless steel sink in his parents garage in 2000, with the aid of his Mum, Naturallythinking soon gained a small cult online following.

In 2002 we had our moment of fame, thanks to a poster on handbag.com who posted comments about Clary Sage and it's effects on men and women's sexual experiences. She recommending Naturallythinking Clary Sage and we gained our biggest natural exposure until this point and surge in customers. The eventual post on handbag.com had over 100,000 posts and did wonders for us... so we will ever be indebted to the poster "Lady Muck" for her original posting.

Moving Out - Our First Shop

With added customers in 2004, we left the Garage and move to our new shop in Carshalton High Street... No.7. The oldest shop in Carshalton, parts of it dating back to the 15 Century and a fitting home for our Original Carshalton Lavender Range.

In 2004 we became involved in Carshalton Lavender, a revival project to replant Lavender in Carshalton (once the home of Lavender Production in the World), this involvement led to further success of the project and Naturallythinking exclusively producing the Original Carshalton Lavender range of bodycare products.

Warehouses and People

Our workforce is like a family, we value every member of Staff and their passion goes into your products.

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In 2009 we moved our main production, storage and distribution to our Warehouse that now spans 20,000 sq.ft on the Sutton / Croydon border, building a training school, shop and headquarters. We value the work our employees do, each and everyone of them becoming part of the Naturallythinking family and rewarded with wages in excess of the London Living Wage.

A new chapter 2016

In 2016 we will be opening our flagship store on our 17 acre site in Carshalton Surrey with on site growing of Lavender, Rosemary, Sage, Peppermint, Rosemary, Chamomile and Basil

On site we will have the distillation of oils, Processing of our products, Events, Training, Research and a Community hub that welcomes all. Our additional 25 acre farm is just 15 minutes walk away through the tranqility of historic Oaks Park and once again confirms Carshalton as the Lavender growing Capital of the World.



Danny Stanzl


Naturallythinking ethical skincare and cosmetic ingredients for aromatherapy